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Hi, this is VQ.

I’ve been working independently since February 2020, and fortunately made it through the COVID-19 crisis without much stress, besides knowing most companies will have to be considerate budget-wise for months to come. But interestingly in the midst of all, I’ve been able – as planned, to collaborate with fantastic partners proving in many ways that they were worthy of doing work : ethical, cultured, positive, and ambitious, with means to achieve intelligent business.

Here’s a quick update on some work in progress.

Pizza 4P’s

Who is Pizza 4P’s ?

Who needs an introduction? The urbanite’s favorite, founded in 2011 with a Pizza restaurant in the Japanese neighborhood of Saigon has grown into a progressive Earth-to-People company, making fantastic food from natural, sometimes organic, often house-made ingredients (who doesn’t know about the infamous Burrata Mozzarella, made in Da Lat?), and delivering through 20+ restaurants in Vietnam, as well as straight to one’s home – a result of the company adapting fast to COVID-19.

What am I doing with Pizza 4P’s ?

Joining part-time in support of the Creative & Marketing team, I’ve worked on directional usage of social media, digital advertising, and I’ve since initiated new business concepts – in development as we speak, which I hope to be able to introduce here fully soon.

In the pipeline is also a series of videos to highlight the sustainable vision at play at Pizza 4P’s. More about this by the end of the year!

#digitalmarketing #contentplanning #creativestrategy


Who is Facepay ?

Facepay is an app developed by fintech company Wee Digital, providing a cashless payment solution to consumers & retailers, based on facial recognition. The highly promising company led by Christian Nguyen has raised additional funds with Intervest (KR) and Vinacapital Ventures (VN) as recently as 2020. Facepay is due to launch in a well-established convenience store in November.

What am I doing with Facepay ?

In collaboration with Echo Production (ME Group), I’ve been developing the brand strategy and coordinating the creative work for Facepay’s launch. This project done without an agency is probably one of the most exciting yet efficient professional collaboration I’ve had in Vietnam so far (!).

And yes, working with Wowy & De Choat (currently starring in Rap Viet) is a treat.


Who is Oriento ?

Oriento is a furniture brand developed independently by product designer Vũ Hoàng Anh, founded in 2020 as a collaboration between the designer and AA Corporation.

What am I doing with Oriento ?

I’ve been hired to create the foundations of the brand & marketing approach. Launched in uncertain times, with international trade events shut down or postponed, and major markets stalling, developing an efficient and inspiring brand launch agenda is critical.

Interestingly, for a new design brand based in Asia, the conceptual cornerstone that I developed for the brand identity was found in classical philosophy. Aristotle and Plato had theorized on the role of matter and idea, as well as the human input, and we derived a foundational concept from this fitting framework.

#brandstrategy #marketingdirection #brandidentity

ME Group

Who is ME Group ?

Born out of the partnership of two major players in the video production business in town, the corporate group is set up to become the most reliable production & innovation hub for communication & advertising purposes in Vietnam.

What am I doing with ME Group ?

Hired to fine tune the corporate brand’s communication, I’ve moved on to develop two brand identities within the group : Gingershots, a table-top production studio with capacity to change the high-performance shooting game ; and YAM, an innovative streaming platform dedicated to independent creators.

#production #corporatestrategy #brandidentity #branddesign


Last but not least, I’ve been fortunate to see an old vaporware idea materialize slowly in the past few months. Being a long-time social trends observer, creative strategist and low-key curator of all things emerging, I’ve always been attracted by cultural magazines.

It started with blogging about film around 2006, then about fashion & politics from 2011 on “Le Boulevardier”, directing some cultural contents & happenings for my concept store between 2009 and 2013, to posting few cultural insights from Vietnam on Linkedin since 2014.
In the meantime, I was teased to start something with my brother @rudibelll, but distance made things unrealistic. Then I started drafting an approach to help my buddy Ivy earlier this year, but ultimately we had different priorities.

Cue a chance meeting with my new partner, who is currently more shy on talking about the project publicly, but our little cultural platform is already out there, offering contents to people.

In little more than few months, M had pulled outstanding creatives with amazing portfolios to work on V2X. A designer, a photographer, a fashion & art activist, and a few passionate kids had joined the project, committed to put something unique out there on the Internetz.

Here are a few portraits & profiles we’ve done so far. We are now looking for partners (brands, investors), to structure the platform and redefine cultural activism in Vietnam. V2X is tailored to dive out of the mainstream noise.

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More updates soon !

26 / 10 / 20