boro tee shirt

KUON FW17 – Boro Box Tee

For explorers interested in the Boro culture and its unique virtues, the price can sometimes be a barrier at first. But Boro is definitely a form of luxury. As an entry point into the world of Boro, the Box Tee by Kuon is a must. Combining a straightforward white tee base with a large Boro piece in front, the Tee carries both modernity and authenticity.

In the case of Boro, the product shot is never contractual, and it is definitely better that way. Each piece is unique, due to the actual material used as Boro for each Tee.
Made in Japan.

Two unique pieces in Medium and Large are currently available at Kuon’s international online store.
For more choice of Kuon, you can head to The Bureau,where a selection will be dropping soon.