D.TT.K FW17 – R Painted Light Coat

Labeled Coats are staples of the advanced menswear head’s closet since Vetements released their long raincoat. These past seasons we have all spotted the Comme des Garçons “Boys” coat, the OAMC Staff Jacket, or the Alyx “New Happiness” Bomber.

This season, neo-sporty label D.TT.K takes the idea further, dropping an outstanding piece of outerwear. The R Painted Light Coat comes in black, navy or white cotton, and features a signature reflective print, replicating paint traces.

The coat will be available worldwide, via select stores such as:

  • KNIQ (Hong Kong) – white version
  • D MOP (Hong Kong) – black version
  • Wildstyle LA (USA)
  • Slam Jam (Italy)

And on D.TT.K Online store.