Tokyo Fashion Award Winner – KUON

Last Friday, Tokyo Fashion Award selected 6 Winners, among which the brand Kuon, which deserves a thorough introduction.

Kuon is an independent label started in 2016, designed by Shinichiro Ishibashi. After graduating from the institution that is Bunka Fashion College, he worked as a designer and pattern-maker for several Japanese brands before launching Kuon with his partner Shin Fujiwara.

Kuon designs contemporary menswear, but introduces a radical ethos, based on the idea of permanence of beauty. Technically, the brand uses vintage materials and traditional techniques to design meaningful articles of clothing.

Most pieces of Kuon collections carry a piece of Boro material. Boro is a long-lasting Japanese tradition of effective upcycling. Old pieces of cotton would be cut out from aging ware then repaired, washed and rebuilt into a new piece of garment. Some very exclusive pieces of Kuon redefine the notion of luxury by using exclusively Boro materials.

Also, Kuon founders decided that their philosophy had to have an immediate social impact. While nurturing positive values in crafting their products, they also started partnering with the “Otsuchi Sashiko Project” in Iwate prefecture, to engage in recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Sashiko stitching and Boro patchwork construction are among tasks that Kuon engages local communities to do, effectively sustaining economic activity with them in an otherwise critical region.

Kuon combines ecology, luxury and creativity, and impressed the Tokyo Fashion Awards 2018 Jury.

For a touch of the Kuon collection, head over to The Bureau, who carry some interesting pieces like the following.

Tokyo Fashion Award is a fashion prize that selects 6 brands from Tokyo with the aim to connect them to the international market and support their global expansion. The 6 selected designers are then offered a booth to showcase their collection at “”, during Paris Fashion Week.

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