Children of the Discordance FW18 – Lookbook

Children of the Discordance is another winner of Tokyo Fashion Award 2018, along the likes of previously mentioned Digawel, Kuon and Soe.

Supported by Japan Fashion Week Organization, they went on the road to show their latest collection, setting up their showroom in Paris.

We discovered a catchy collection, riding the omnipresent readymade trend from Japan, which has inspired streetwear heads globally by revisiting workwear and military wear, vintage cultural pieces, into original designs.

But Children of the Discordance has a vibe of its own, offering bold choices inspired by NAS’ Illmatic, which was the dominant force in hip-hop when CotD’s designer Hideaki Shikama spent time in New York City, in 1994. The collection in turn, bears the name “Rhythmatic”.

Peek a preview of the collection here.

Children of the Discordance is currently available at Revolve, Beams and Browns.