Welcome !

Hi this is VQ, if you’ve followed me professionally in the recent past, you may have realized that I have quit my previous position at an amazing design brand to take a free and personal walk on the consulting side.

My first step was to look back at my career in the creative industries so far, and to identify what would motivate me most, moving forwards.

You can read that What’s Next moment here.

Which leads me to this moment, setting up a little hub of my own, where I would like to welcome most of you past, present and future partners. This hub is called ANTIMETA – an avatar that I have nurtured for some time, since I worked in the very inspiring Japanese environment.

ANTIMETA is my definition of using intellect, strategies, design and craft altogether to create impactful work. Too executional, and you get lost in materialistic gratification. Too meta, and you get lost in echo chambers, high-flying concepts that won’t help anyone.

And anti, of course – because there is a lot to fight against currently. Racism. Poverty. Inequalities. Sexism. Neo-fascism. Corporate greed. Finance madness.

So I’ve decided to openly work with my beliefs. I’ll work with brands and causes that are looking to do better, to support progress for everyone, or at least for the many. And I’ll wholeheartedly tell the rest to fuck off.